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Falconry Life Experience Days

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CRB Certified.

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About Us & Frequently Asked Questions
Falconry Life is run by husband and wife team Kevin & Jo Ryan.

Kevin has kept and flown Hawks, Falcons, Owls and Eagles and has worked in Falconry Centres across the UK. He has also been actively involved in related film and television work and has often assisted the RSPCA, the Fire Service and the Police in situations involving a bird of prey. Jo is also interested in Hawks and Owls, but her true passion lies in Vultures! Jo is the proud keeper of Ruby, a Ruppells Griffon Vulture with a huge 8 foot wing span!

Both Kevin and Jo are passionate about the issue of conservation and feel privileged to work with these magnificent Birds who help enormously in delivering the message for the need of conservation to the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

On a Hawk Experience Day, do I get the opportunity to handle the Birds?
Yes, you do! Under supervision (and suitably gloved up) you will be able to experience first-hand all that is involved in the flying of a Hawk. Who knows? From your experience you may decide to take up the "Sport Of Kings" yourself!

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, we carry full Public Liability Insurance and we have a Performing Animals Licence.


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